Young Adults

Clients in their late teens and twenties often face a whole new set of stage-of-life challenges.  Young adults (also often referred to as “transitional age youth”) can find themselves feeling pressured by their families or communities to function in the world independently.  You feel you are expected to move toward identified goals with motivation, focus, a sense of responsibility, and an organized plan.  Sometimes, you may be the one putting the pressure on yourself, comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate.  You want to talk to someone but feel embarrassed, don't want to burden people, or fear they might not care.

You may feel trapped between childhood and adulthood, trying to free yourself from the limitations of adolescence, but feeling not yet prepared for the responsibility of independence, adult decision-making, and advocating for yourself.  In many cases, the pressure to know who you are and what you want in life can be overwhelming, and can lead to anxiety and depression, or even escapist or self-sabotaging behaviors like substance use, social isolation, abusive relationships, or self-harm. 

Like many young adults, you may prefer not to share your struggles with the very same friends and family members who are watching you expectantly to see who you will become.  You fear disappointing them.  But you may need support to overcome obstacles, fears, and confusion, as well as guidance to help you figure out the next step to what you want and stay on the path that will get you there.  I am especially passionate about helping young adult clients because you are at an age when learning to find your own way can have an enormous impact on the course of your life; it is my privilege to help you navigate that journey.