Family Therapy

Family therapy is a dynamic approach that addresses the breakdown in the family system, often as an adjunct to individual therapy.  Family work is often messy and complicated but can offer powerful results, transforming and uplifting families to function in a new, more effective manner, in a way that individual therapy alone cannot achieve. 

As a family therapist at a residential crisis shelter for troubled youth, I was privileged to assist countless families struggling with high conflict and difficult issues, such as poor communication, substance use, childhood trauma, divorce, running away, truancy, poor grades, explosive anger, bullying, depression, oppositional defiance, ADHD, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidality.  These struggles can cripple families and impact every single member. 

In family therapy, I utilize an experiential systemic approach known as Human Validation and Communication, created by Virginia Satir.  Through this model, we will work on honest communication, listening, and breaking maladaptive communication patterns.  When young people feel heard, understood, and loved, and are able to achieve healthy self-esteem and authenticity, family connections are strengthened, animosity and conflict are reduced, and all family members can begin to feel valued, safe, accepted, and supported.