Are You The Right Therapist For Me?

At your request, we can schedule a no cost 15-20 minute consultation that will provide you an opportunity to tell me a little bit about your situation and what you are looking for, and to ask me any questions you may have about how I work.  This consultation can be conducted in person or over the phone.  It is important to me that you feel comfortable with the therapy process, so I will check in with you regularly to make sure you are getting what you want out of our sessions.  If at any time you decide you are dissatisfied, I will be happy to offer you some excellent referrals.

How Long Will Therapy Last?

There is no set course of treatment in therapy.  Typically, most clients notice improvement within 12 sessions, but many will choose to continue working on their issues for much longer.  Some clients decide to take a break and return to therapy when new struggles arise.  Others reduce the frequency of sessions and use a "maintenance" approach.  My goal is to help you achieve change as efficiently as possible, but therapy can require patience.  Together, we will discuss your progress to help you determine when you are ready to reduce or terminate treatment.

What Happens If I Need To Reschedule?

Consistent attendance predicts effective treatment.  If you must reschedule, I will do my best to find you another appointment during the same week in order to maintain the continuity of your treatment.  In the event of cancelation less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full fee for the session.

Is My Information Confidential?

Any information you disclose to me is legally protected and cannot be shared without your written permission.  There are some exceptions to this protection, including the following limitations: if I suspect the occurrence of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse to a minor, an elder, or a dependent adult, I am mandated by law to inform authorities; also, if I believe a client is a serious danger to him/herself, or to another person, I am responsible to ensure public safety and may be required to break confidentiality.

What Should I Do If Iā€™m Having An Emergency?

In the case of a medical emergency, or a situation in which you or another person may be in danger, please do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.